Please see the table below to retrieve activation codes for Pulse 72 Geocaching products:

Product Activation Code
Geo-Milestones (All Levels) MILESTONES
Happy Birthday Geocoin BIRTHDAY
Static Clings (All Colours And Sizes) MUGGLE
Pulse 72 Geocaching Track Tags (All Designs) PULSE72
Campervan Geocoin (All Colours) CAMPER
Brainstrust Elephant ELEPHANT
County Flag Track Tags COUNTY
National Flag Track Tags NATION
Lacko Event Tag LACKO
Maxi Pig Gecocoin PIG
Creeper Geocoin CREEPER
Geo-Mini Geocoin GEOMINI
PKCC 2014 Legacy Bronze Geocoin BRONZE
PKCC 2014 Legacy Silver Geocoin SILVER
PKCC 2014 Legacy Gold Geocoin GOLD
Geo-Defender Geocoin DEFENDER
Essex Mega 2015 Tag ESSEX
UK Mega 2016 Travel Ddraig DDRAIG
UK Mega 2016 Keep Calm And Cache Track Tag WALES
UK Mega 2016 Spinning Dragon Geocoin WALES
Piratemania Geocoin PIRATE
HH&CC 2014 Geocoin HALLOWEEN
K-9 Ranch Blue Dog DOG
Isle of Man Geocoin - Millennium Way PULSE72
Isle of Man Geocoin - Heritage Power Trail PULSE72
Kent Mega Geocoin(s) HOPS
ManxCacheFest 2015 PULSE72
WW1 / Remembrance Geocoin POPPY
South Downs GeoTour Geocoin (Silver + Gold) SOUTHDOWNS
South Downs Seven Sisters Geocoin SOUTHDOWNS
Medway Magic Tag MAGIC
Devon Mega Tag DEVON
Lake Eildon GeoTour Geocoin EILDON
Clever Monkey Geocoin CLEVER
British Exploring Society Geocoin BES
Garmin / GO Outdoors Geocoin GARMIN
Geo-Beetle Geocoin GEOBUG
Bristol Mini GeoCoin Fayre BRISTOL
Kent Mega 2017 Geocoin HOPS
Kent Mega 2017 Supporters Coin HOPS
Lacko Event 2017 Coijn LACKO
Devon Mega Geocoin (All Designs) DEVON
Perth Museum (taste of the past) PERTH