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First And Second To Find Micro Travel Tag Value Twin Pack

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Micro Travel Tags are trackable items and work in the same way as Travel Bugs. However, they come in a huge range of fun designs allowing you to add a personal touch to your trackable adventures.


These Micro Travel Tags are large enough to be noticeable but small enough to fit into many micro Geocaches, increasing the range of places they can visit on their travels. As with Travel Bugs, they are made from aluminium so they are durable.


They are fully trackable on Geocaching.com.


Etched onto the reverse is a unique tracking code. In addition, there is some information for those that find it, informing them what it is and what to do with it.


Each Micro Travel Tag also comes with a unique icon. This icon appears in a Geocaches inventory. If you own the Micro Travel Tag, it appears in the trackables section of your Geocaching profile. When people find the Micro Travel Tag, it will appear in their inventory and in their tracking history.


They are metallic, and have a quality colourful finish. They also come with a chain should you wish to attach it to something.


They are all brand new and un-activated and come with activation instructions.


Great for sending on an adventure or adding to a collection.

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