Custom trackables designed and manufactured by
Pulse 72 Geocaching

Pulse 72 Geocaching now offers a Geocoin (and other trackable) design service. Better still, It's the whole package; we will take care of everything from design to manufacture of your own custom Geocoin or other trackable. 

How does it work and what do we do?

We make the whole process slick and efficient, taking care of everything.

1. You have an idea

This is the most important stage. After all, it's your Geocoin or tag, and we want to convert your idea into reality. Just tell us your idea for a design. This can be by description, a rough jotting or your own artwork. Don't worry how rough and ready any ideas or scribbles are, all we need is a starting point. We can discuss your ideas for as long as required and give advice on all the potential ways your trackable can be created.

2. We create the artwork

Once we have your idea our designer will create the concept artwork for your Geocoin or tag. We will make changes until you are completely happy with the design.

3. Pre-production and samples

The finalised artwork will be sent to our mint who will then create the necessary technical drawings. Once you approve the final version of the technical drawings, we can produce samples. Though at this point, structural (shape / metal work) changes can no longer be made, you can use the samples to test different enamel colour / enamel type / plating options.

4. We make it trackable

We have a strong relationship with Groundspeak (the organisation who run Geocaching).  We will take care of everything involved in making your coin trackable. This principally involves ordering and synchronising the tracking and activation codes. If you would like a custom icon (the little picture associated with a trackable item) we can design and coordinate its association with your coin or tag.

5. Full Production

Once you approve the samples (and decide on final enamel and plating options), your Geocoin or tag will be manufactured, and each will be laser engraved with a unique tracking code. 

Who do we make coins for?

Anyone! If you want a coin designed and produced, we can do it. Here are some examples:

Personal commissions. Simply because you have an idea for a coin you want to own.

Geocaching groups and societies. Have a coin made especially for your group. Maybe it will commemorate an event, or a milestone such as an anniversary of your group's formation.

Event organisers. Hosting an event? Perhaps a Geocaching Mega Event? Why not have a Geocoin made to give or sell to those who attend.

Tourism organisations. Want a fantastic way to promote your location? Having a geocoin made will put it on the map. Hand them out at events or sell them in your giftshop. If you have a tourist site, you can bet there will be thousands of Geocachers who visit it. Before long, your coins will be travelling world wide, promoting your location.

Re-sellers. Got an idea that you think will sell? Have it made by us then sell it on your own site.

What can we make?

Our Geocoins are great but that's not the end of it! We can make a huge range of products

Coins. From trackable Geocoins to non-trackable commemorative coins and medals. The size, shape, thickness and design options are incredible. And we can do 2D and 3D designs. Your imagination is the limit.

Tags. Trackable tags are relatively inexpensive to produce and are great fun. We can make almost any shape and design you can think of.

Pin Badges. We can design and produce pin badges in a huge range of designs and styles.

Lanyards  and wristbands. We can make these too and the design options are staggering.

Where to start

Just drop us an e-mail to and we can get the ball rolling.