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Sailors Valentine Geocoin

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This is a beautiful and vibrant Geocoin with deep rich enamels. Its octagonal shape makes it really unique.

Give this to the special person in your life. This coin is based on the old-time Sailor's Valentine boxes. These boxes were made of wood and the inside was adorned with intricate seashell designs. Sailors would buy these on their travels to bring home to their loved ones. Since Sailors would give these gifts upon their return to home, it meant that it was not just for Valentine's Day, but for any day to give something this special to someone special.

The blank box on the back means you have the option to have it engraved with a personal message. This is entirely optional.

Each coin comes engraved with a unique tracking number. They are fully trackable on Geocaching.com.
The Geocoin has a unique icon. This icon appears in a Geocaches inventory. If you own the Geocoin, it appears in the trackables section of your Geocaching profile. When people find the Geocoin, it will appear in their inventory and in their tracking history.
4.4 cm in diameter and 3 mm thick (at its widest and thickest points).
Each coin comes in a protective pouch and comes with activation instructions.
Great for sending on an adventure, or adding to a collection.

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