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The bod Charger

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The bod Charger
The bod Charger The bod Charger The bod Charger The bod Charger
Have you ever had your caching adventure cut short by a flat battery? Annoying isn’t it!
Well, say goodbye to flat batteries with the bod charger.
This Battery On Demand is a portable 5,200 mAh battery pack / charger. It will provide hours of extra power for devices such as mobiles, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, cameras and GPS receivers.
It is also fully trackable on Geocaching.com! Each features the Geocaching logo and a unique tracking number. Who will discover your bod charger?
If your device battery begins to fail, simply use the included micro USB cable to connect it to the bod charger, instantly proving power as if it were attached to a wall-socket charger.
When the bod charger runs out of power, simply plug it in at home to recharge.
It also features a torch. Perfect for night caching, and reducing the amount of equipment you need to carry.
The bod charger is incredibly easy to use and is light and portable. It will tuck neatly into small pockets.
Comes with full operating instructions.
  • Size: 7.7 x 6.3 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Capacity: 5200 mAh
  • Input DC 5V 1A
  • Output DC 5V 1A
MPN: BodCh

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Cache on Wheels from Dorset, UK   5 Stars
These bod's are awesome!!!!! My daughter spotted them before me at the stand at the Kent Mega Geocaching event, so we bought 2: one each for me and my daughter. When I do a review for an item I like to give detailed info that I would want to read about an item before buying it. So here goes ... They easily fully charge our iPhones up just as quick as at home, 3 times over between charges of the bod. When we've used the bod, we pop it on charge in the car or at home to keep it topped up - which charges quickly too :) Why I love mine so much: I love to take lots of photos using my iPhone whilst out caching or just out and about, this uses a lot of battery, now I have my bod to give my phone a power up, so don't need to worry about running out of battery and can take as many photos as I like! I also prefer to use my iPhone whilst caching, alongside my hubby using his GPS, which can use a lot of power, with my bod, it means I can do this and not worry about running out of battery. I also like to write field notes on the geocaching.com App to keep up to date with caches I've done in the field. With the bod I can do this and don't need to worry about missing any out when I come to log them online when I'm ready to. (Although I sometimes miss some) The price is very attractive and affordable and as it trackable, it makes it even better! Definitely worth the money! It has a handy bright torch too which is ideal for looking in my medication bag whilst at home or out, great for looking in crevices when out caching etc I'm also disabled so it's really important I always have battery power to call for assistance if I need to: my bod gives me this reassurance: I will always have battery power for my phone. It's my best gadget, could be a lifesaver and helps me do what I want to - I call it my 'Bodcacher' oo maybe I should copyright that word lol Why it's great for my daughter: Well all teenagers love their music and texting their friends, my 14 yr old daughter is no exception! I do advise her to use her iPod for music but she loves using her iPhone. Many times she has gone out for a few hours or even just to school and used most of her battery up! Now she has the bod, neither her or us need worry she will run out of battery and not be able to make contact, which as a parent and for her as a young lady, was always a concern before. With the bod, it means she can now use her iPhone the way she wants to and not worry about running out of battery. Other uses It's even great for charging wireless rechargeable games consoles controllers whilst using them, for those times when we get caught out. Basically any item that has a USB end on your devices charger, within the correct power limits, you can use your bod with, includes some GPS, Sat Navs. It's a fantastic item: I had been looking at something like this for ages, even in town the day before the Geocaching Kent Mega event but didn't like any of them. Some were too big, land in colour and some were over priced in my mind for what some of them were, they were, over priced at £50! Friends who've got other such devices have borrowed my bod for a day (I won't let it away from me longer lol) and they have said how much better it is in comparison to other devices, even those that were a lot more expensive! They agree with me how great the bod is and say it chargers much quicker, it looks classy and is a very handy pocket size. It's also bright and colourful too :) It easily fits into an old camera case I have so I can protect it when it's in my pocket or in my bag :) I have a Griffin case for my iPhone that comes with a piece I can attach on the case to clip it to an item or attach a lanyard. It would be ideal if I could do this with the bod too so I can put it around my neck on a lanyard, keeping my hands free to drive my mobility scooter or push my walker. In summary The bod is stylish, brightly coloured, handy pocket sized, gives reassurance for us all for when my any of is are out on our own: we will never be out of battery again! That's priceless! So what improvements can be made? Mmm a difficult one really. A d ring type piece so it can be attached to a lanyard. Oh a different colour finishes. This could be difficult I understand as it could limit your market. The green finish you have now appeals to males and females, so maybe look at developing a skin with different colours on which would also help protect my precious bod from scratches? I'm delighted that I can now buy the bod from Pulse72, I have had lots of items from them, all at the highest quality and the bod adds to this. Just because we have 2, doesn't mean I wing want more! They will be great as spares, for long journeys, camping events when one is away from comforts of electric. I will certainly be recommending these to all my friends and family - and ask them to mention my name when they order lol :) Thank you so much for the awesome bod, my iPhone buddy :) Heather Bull Geocacher Cache on Wheels Dorset UK