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Geocaching Trackable items add a whole extra dimension to Geocaching. The original trackable was the Travel Bug. The Travel Bug is still popular, but there are now a huge variety of trackable items available to Geocachers. The choice is immense, from beautifully elaborate Geocoins to simple tags.

No matter the trackable, the concept is the same. Once released, the trackable is moved from Geocache to Geocache as they are retrieved and placed by Geocachers. A unique tracking code allows the owner (or anyone who adds it to their watch list) to track it as it travels. In addition, each activated trackable has a unique page on Geocaching.com. Here the owner can give it a unique name, description and even a target destination.

Every trackable we sell is fully trackable on Geocaching.com. They all come with a unique tracking code and activation instructions. We sell a huge range to suit every consideration including design, size and price. More information on each type can be found in the sub-categories description.